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Blonde Label 2

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Blonde Label 2
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Duración:   156 Minutos
Lanzamiento:   06/2022
Nombre del Estudio:   Deeper 
Serie:   Blonde Label 
Director:   Kayden Kross  Ken Shiro 
Descripción:   Blondes make a captivating case for your attention in these four obsessive stories from Deeper. Azul Hermosa plays a model left alone in the room with the studio’s client in Client. Jazmin Luv is a woman marrying for money and still looking for love in Guest Services. Anna Claire Clouds comforts her sister’s deserted groom in Make Your Move. Kenzie Reeves runs the perfect scheme with her side piece in Occupied. Each directs the gaze to exactly the place ...Más
Descripción:   Blondes make a captivating case for your attention in these four obsessive stories from Deeper. Azul Hermosa plays a model left alone in the room with the studio’s client in Client. Jazmin Luv is a woman marrying for money and still looking for love in Guest Services. Anna Claire Clouds comforts her sister’s deserted groom in Make Your Move. Kenzie Reeves runs the perfect scheme with her side piece in Occupied. Each directs the gaze to exactly the place they want you to look. ...Menos
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Analista: Corva Siouan Fecha: 8/11/2022
Origen: Aebn

In the gorgeous new release “Blonde Label 2,” Deeper presents four sexy tales of golden-haired girls who will capture your eye, then your heart.

Azul Hermosa is a stunning Latina with big tits and an incredible body, with a smoldering intensity in her green eyes that could make anyone feel a stirring in their loins. She’s a perfect choice for a movie about blondes, as a woman who began her career with black hair and turned out to be even hotter when she lightened her locks. In this scene, Azul is a model doing a photo shoot that doesn’t appear to be going well. She’s giving the photographer what he’s asking, but as soon as the client, Mick Blue, arrives on the set, the energy in the room shifts drastically. Mick doesn’t like the photographer’s idea to dress her in sheer lingerie and a robe, and then have her pose with flowers. After a consultation with the photographer still doesn’t produce what Mick wants, he asks for the camera, tells the photographer and assistant to leave him alone with Azul, and tells her: “Do something that makes me look twice.” The energy sparks and crackles in the room as Mick takes a sheer fabric belt from the frilly robe and uses them to tie Azul’s wrists together and uses another to gag her. Mick tells Azul to lie back on the couch, spreads her legs, and takes some more photos. Azul is getting turned on in spite of herself, and Mick is getting hard from this combination of control and visual stimulus. When he moves in closer, Azul’s chest is heaving with harder, deeper breaths, and she reaches over to rub his crotch as he stands above her. Mick sets the camera down and joins Azul on the couch, answering her unspoken invitation with a hard, passionate kiss. The passion and chemistry between the performers are undeniable as they gradually shed clothing while kissing, orally pleasuring each other, and finally fucking. After an intense series of positions, Mick unleashes a massive load that turns frothy in Azul’s mouth and hands as she continues to lick and stroke his uncut dick.

Slim, beautiful young trophy wife-to-be Jazmin Luv isn’t getting everything she wants from her rich fiancé. Just before the wedding, she checks into a swanky hotel, staying alone in the penthouse. She watches Anton Harden, the handsome hotel employee who’s exclusively assigned to her suite, as he takes her suitcases to the closet. He sees the fancy dress hanging in a clear bag and asks if she has a big day coming up. “Not really,” she tells him, sounding bored. After she tips Anton and watches him leave, Jazmin soon decides she needs to see this handsome porter again. She places a series of calls to room service for food she doesn’t eat, a toothbrush, and a razor, always answering the door in fine lingerie and a silky robe. Finally, Jazmin asks him to come in and requests that he watch her shave her legs. The air is thick with sexual tension as they talk about the dress and her upcoming wedding. Anton turns to go, but Jazmin asks for one more thing. She sits on the sink, pulls her panties aside to reveal a trimmed bush, and asks him for help. He takes the razor and slowly makes his way in to start shaving, but Jazmin takes the razor and pushes his face into her crotch. He aims to please as he eats this horny guest’s pussy, and she gives him more than a tip for his efforts: hungrily sucking his big black cock for a long time, and then mounting him right there between the sink and the tub. The sex is intense, just rough enough, sweaty, kinky (there’s some toe sucking), and hotter than anything she could ever get from a man she’s only marrying for money. Don’t you love it when a hotel porter is so helpful and attentive?

Tiny spinner Kenzie Reeves is just like a living fuck doll, but she’s been a bad girl. As the beginning of the scene, she’s in the middle of pushing her dirty laundry into the top washing machine at the laundromat, showing the bottoms of her ass cheeks in micro-shorts. Her boyfriend is desperate to use the bathroom, but it’s occupied. Flipping through a magazine, she advises him to go use the one at home, four blocks away. After a moment, the boyfriend hurries off. As soon as he’s out of sight, Kenzie goes to the bathroom door, gives a special knock, and greets Anton Harden. Kenzie sits on a folding table and lets Anton bend and fold her while eating her shaved pussy. In turn, she deep throats him, sucks his balls, and eventually rides him. Kenzie starts out in cowgirl, which gives us the best view of her hot little ass. She climbs on the table again for some doggy style, rides him again in cowgirl, and spins around for some RCG. At one point Kenzie hops up into a laundry cart with her ass in the air, bringing her tiny frame up to the right height for him to fuck her while standing. There are lots of hot moments in this scene, too many to list them all, but we want to point out the sequence near the end when Kenzie folds up like a pretzel in missionary, holding her crossed legs at ankles and letting Anton drive in even deeper. We applaud Kenzie for getting some necessary household chores done while getting some extra dick on the side. We’ve never had this much fun between the filling cycle and the spin cycle. What a multi-tasker!

Manuel Ferrara stands in front of the closet where his runaway fiancée has left her wedding dress, opening and closing the jewelry box that holds her ring. Off camera we hear a woman’s voice trying to reassure him that it’s just cold feet, that Lexi will be there soon, looking like a hot mess and apologizing for holding up the wedding. Manuel asks if she’s ever met her sister. The beautiful Anna Claire Clouds appears, looking absolutely smashing in a long, slinky dress. She admits that Lexi probably won’t apologize, but at least the rest of it is true. Anna holds up a game that they can play to pass the time, trying to take his mind off the situation, but all it does is remind him of his fiancée because that’s her favorite game. “Make your move,” Anna says when it’s his turn. Later, Anna lies back on the bed and watches Manuel on the phone checking to see if Lexi has contacted anyone else. He flops down on the bed next to her, his head at her feet, dejected. Anna gently pushes his head with her bare foot and says she knows Lexi will come, but it seems to have been hours by now. She cajoles him into playing another game, which turns flirty and physical. “Make your move,” Anna says, meaningfully gazing up at him from the bed where he’s just playfully pushed her. After hours of hanging out alone, with Manuel increasingly frustrated and sad, he takes out the jewelry box, gives it a long look, and drops it on the floor before climbing onto the bed and giving Anna a long, hot kiss. They lie back, pulling up Anna’s fancy bridesmaid dress so she can spread her legs wide. Manuel pulls down the panties that match the dress and slowly begins to lick her pussy from top to bottom. Anna’s eyes roll back in her head as he sucks her clit, and she moans loudly as he finger-fucks her. She eagerly pulls out his cock and gives him head, making good use of her hands, twisting as she strokes his shaft. When Manuel starts to fuck her in spoons position, he reaches around to rub Anna’s clit and then pulls her face around to him, kissing her fiercely as he thrusts in and out. Through every position change, Anna always looks stunning, and you can tell that the pleasure is authentic – there’s a reason Manuel is a multiple award winner and a living legend in the adult industry. After swallowing Manuel’s load, she gives his big, uncircumcised dick some cleanup head and sticks her tongue out while gazing up at him, showing that she swallowed all his cum.

Deeper has, once again, delivered an incredible collection of sexy stories that stimulate the eyes, mind, and all the pleasure centers. “The Blonde Label 2” is new on our adult VOD theater.

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